‘Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving’

(Albert Einstein)

Setbacks and Autumn Joy

I’m unsure whether any of you has experienced this but sometimes it feels like life is working against you. Recently, I have been subjected to bit infections, a head cold transferred from work colleagues which started to turn into tonsilitis. Then, work commitments escalated, all preventing me from riding. The frustration mounting knowing the fitnessContinue reading “Setbacks and Autumn Joy”

A short Update…

if you have had to spend a significant amount of time away from cycling, you can probably relate. Work has recently took over my life and has diverted me away from my passions and I have found that frustration has set in, the burning desire to get out in the saddle is increasing. The bugContinue reading “A short Update…”

I Reached a Milestone

I’ve unintentionally left a considerable amount of time to post an update, life can get in the way sometimes. My Charity ride is looming, 4/06/2021, this Sunday. I am cycling 100km from Manchester to Blackpool in the UK. I realise that for seasoned cyclists this can be easily achievable, but at the the time ofContinue reading “I Reached a Milestone”


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