My Longest Ride and What I used to Navigate

The weather was not looking promising, I had planned a route covering just over 92k but deciding on a day to achieve this was proving difficult in itself. The weekend was looking like it could have been too wet. After looking at the weather forecast I opted to focus on the Sunday, 09/05/2021. The rainContinue reading “My Longest Ride and What I used to Navigate”

Insight into my Training

Not much has happened since my last post. I knuckled down and concentrated on my rides and consequently, I did not take any pictures. The weather where I live is fairly turbulent, infrequently there is nice weather but very often there are days where it continues to pour down with rain. Even though this hasContinue reading “Insight into my Training”

The Route That Wasn’t to Be

Today’s ride tested me, originally I had planned a 79k ride but my phone yet again used up all the battery, I’m not sure what is happening but maybe the battery is becoming worn. I like to set goals and quite often they are massively out of my reach. Historically, I have always done thisContinue reading “The Route That Wasn’t to Be”

The Training Commences

Having been involved in sport previously, when I was younger, I understand what is required in training sessions. Yet, cycling seems different to many sports but this might be because I came from a combat sporting background, being involved in fencing for 25 years and also martial arts, for shorter period. Therefore, cycling seems toContinue reading “The Training Commences”

Riding with The Christie

Since finding my passion for riding again, I have been thinking for sometime whether I could ride for a reason and complete my first challenge. A couple of weeks ago I signed up to ride from Manchester to Blackpool, in total, the ride will cover 100k. This will be the longest I have ever riddenContinue reading “Riding with The Christie”

Youth Work: Seven Points I Learnt from using Social Media

Perhaps there has never been a more significant point in time for an increased use in social media since the Covid-19 lockdown. Like most of society, I have used Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. My usage however has only been at the basic level as I rarely post anything. Having to use social media to createContinue reading “Youth Work: Seven Points I Learnt from using Social Media”

Locked-down but Not Given Up

2020 and the entry into 2021 has been challenging due to the Covid-19 restrictions. I personally found the last lockdown post Christmas the most difficult compared with previous lockdown. The most significant impact was the limited chances to see family and eventually the feeling of isolation however, there has been some positives born out ofContinue reading “Locked-down but Not Given Up”