I Reached a Milestone

I’ve unintentionally left a considerable amount of time to post an update, life can get in the way sometimes.

My Charity ride is looming, 4/06/2021, this Sunday. I am cycling 100km from Manchester to Blackpool in the UK. I realise that for seasoned cyclists this can be easily achievable, but at the the time of signing up to this ride I had never ridden so far. How however, I have achieved 2 x 100k rides which felt amazing and definitely a sense of achievement.

Prior to accomplishing those rides I would say that my nerves definitely overshadowed the excitement. But now, the scales have tipped the opposite way, my excitement is soaring above my nerves; I’m just hoping the weather remains nice.

I thought I would share the routes that I had completed to celebrate those achievements đŸ™‚

My confidence on my new road bike has grown enormously and it took me by surprise when I acknowledged how long I had had my bike for. It felt as though I had been riding for some time now but it only two and half months has passed, it feels like I have achieved a lot in such a short space of time.

I would like for this blog to be meaningful and informative. That being said, is there anything you would like me to write about, perhaps you have just got in to cycling yourself. Please leave your comments below and I will post relevant content.

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