Riding with The Christie

Since finding my passion for riding again, I have been thinking for sometime whether I could ride for a reason and complete my first challenge. A couple of weeks ago I signed up to ride from Manchester to Blackpool, in total, the ride will cover 100k.

This will be the longest I have ever ridden and currently putting a training plan together that will lead up to completing 100k ride. The event is on 4 July 2021, Sunday.

What is The Christie?

The Christie is one of the largest cancer research centres in Europe. They are based in Manchester and admit cancer patients from various regions. The centre is independent and relies heavily on donations. As mentioned, The Christie is both a hospital for cancer patients and also a research centre. Their research has been ground breaking which has had a global impact (Manchester Evening News).

Why am I Doing This?

Many families have experienced a family member who has been diagnosed with cancer including my family. It’s a very worrying time for everyone and there are a lot of unknowns. The care and attention of nurses and hospital staff and the treatment they provide is very important. I wanted to be able to have an impact no matter how small and this ride provides the opportunity to dedicate time and effort in supporting such a cause. This challenge will put me in the unknown and I will in some way experience vulnerability by navigating this unknown environment.

If you would like to donate something please click the link below:

The Christie 100k Manchester to Blackpool ride

Thank you very much! any amount is greatly appreciated.

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